Judicial Filth

I am speechless.


At least, someone has the guts to take on, the filthiest, the unholiest, the crueslest system of the country. Where, it takes three decades to give justice (rather injustice) to a poor postman, for the alleged theft of INR 50, but gives longest possible ropes to terrorists and politicians. Where "Court Kachehri ke Chakkar" is the smallest warning given by those, who have even very little reach their.

We must rally behind Ajeet Bharti, irrespective of our affiliation with his opinions or not.

From Gandhi to JP, a lot of revolution has started from the land of Bihar. The deep sleep of lethargic Nanda. Dynasty was challenged by a poor but learned man Vishnugupt (Chanakya) from this land. All of them challenged the mightiest Supremoes of their respective eras.

And I hope, the reforms of our rotten judicial system will get a kickstart from the small insignificant guy like Ajeet Bharti, who comes from the same land.

This filth need a cleansing, to the true spirit of Swachh Bharat. And egoistic and power blind upholders of sanity and sancity of justice, who have forgotten the spirit of the laws written in our law books and how to discharge their duties mentioned in our constitution, are forced to understand the plight of every poor or of those, who are handicapped with legal knowledge.

The unnecessary time spent on writing decisions in glorified literature words, where sometimes even dictionary fails to understand the meaning of those, the focus should be on simplification and timely delivery of the verdict, where interpretation of a verdict is not required. From simple accident case to mutually agreed divorce or marriages, the matters which can be sorted in one, two or without hearings, or can be automated, are kept pending or are reasons behind the lack of time, where the attention of justice system is actually required. Just to suck the hard earned money of victims or concerned parties.

You may have heard word, "money laundering", where black money is laundered to white money. Our judiciary is the one of those few systems in India, which converts the white money to black. Where you end up paying your white money, at each step of your legal cases, and these money are not accounted and are never paid taxes on afterwards.

Everyone knows the truth, and hence politicians and criminals often says, they have trust on the judicial system and common man is afraid of getting into it.

If the likes of Venugopal succeed in breaking this perception, then only they can go ahead with stringent implementation of contempt to court laws.

Till then, the moral rights belong to the likes of Ajeet Bharti, to raise voice against the filth. This will put a lot of Lords in position of discomfort, which they try to get during summer (a British time holiday, where British judhes were unable to handle heat waves of our country) and winter holidays (where Indian themselves are incapable of handling the cold wave).

No government departments goes on full leave. Their employees go on leave. But judiciary is one of those few machineries, where the entire system sleeps for full 45. This is when millions of cases are not only pending but millions are undertrial as well. 

 These sleeping lethargic Neros need to wakeup. Wake up soon. Before the system goes into self destructive mode.

We are awaiting to see that the judicial system rise above the egoes and lethargic approach towards justice and acknowledge the filth of their own system, and instead of self destructive mode, goes to self cleansing mode.

Jai Hind. "Jai Bharti"


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