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Judicial Filth

I am speechless. #Apolitical At least, someone has the guts to take on, the filthiest, the unholiest, the crueslest system of the country. Where, it takes three decades to give justice (rather injustice) to a poor postman, for the alleged theft of INR 50, but gives longest possible ropes to terrorists and politicians. Where "Court Kachehri ke Chakkar" is the smallest warning given by those, who have even very little reach their. We must rally behind Ajeet Bharti, irrespective of our affiliation with his opinions or not. From Gandhi to JP, a lot of revolution has started from the land of Bihar. The deep sleep of lethargic Nanda. Dynasty was challenged by a poor but learned man Vishnugupt (Chanakya) from this land. All of them challenged the mightiest Supremoes of their respective eras. And I hope, the reforms of our rotten judicial system will get a kickstart from the small insignificant guy like Ajeet Bharti, who comes from the same land. This filth need a cleansing, t